Statement of Intent

It is our policy to fully recognize the importance of protecting the global ecosystems and reducing the use of natural resources by encouraging the use of business solutions that support responsible and sustainable development.

We acknowledge that our activities have direct and indirect environmental impacts and endeavor to manage these in a responsible manner. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance, to minimize impact on the environment, and to encourage our business partners to do likewise.

We take a proactive role in implementing suitable environmental management standards and are committed to the prevention of pollution within our activities.

Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to DASI, as it is to our employees, customers, and other stakeholders. To support this common goal, we will:
  • Comply with applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations.
  • Continually improve the environmental performance of our solutions and processes.
  • Protect the health and safety of our employees and surrounding communities and ecosystems.
  • Use natural resources, including raw materials, energy, and water, as efficiently as possible.
  • Communicate effectively to our staff so they are fully aware of the significance of their role within the organization and of any related environmental effects that are within their control.
  • Define objectives for improvements and set long-term targets, primarily related to waste reduction, recycling, and energy consumption.
We will work to achieve these commitments by:
  • Attempting to influence, in a positive manner, all suppliers and contractors whose services may also have an impact on the environment.
  • Requiring environmental awareness training of all our employees and more specific environmental training where appropriate.
  • Aiming to adopt environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Promoting recycling of common waste items within the company.
  • Identifying and pursuing practices which maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact.
  • Working collaboratively with our customers, suppliers, and the surrounding community on environmental issues.
  • Integrating environmental considerations into corporate decision making.

We will make every effort to ensure that environmental performance is an integral part of DASI performance and of the performance of all of our employees. To this end, we will measure and periodically report on our progress in realizing these commitments.

Robert J. Zurek
For and on behalf of Diversified Adjustment Service, Inc.