Comprehensive Legal Support Nationwide

Diversified is able to provide our clients with comprehensive legal support nationwide through our access to nationwide networks of collection attorneys. Although over 98% of all accounts recovered are done without a lawsuit, some situations may require formal legal remedies to protect our client’s financial interests. When those situations occur it is important to know that your collection agency has the knowledge and experience in the legal arena to access attorneys nationwide to expedite collections and maximize recoveries.

Diversified offers the legal management services you need. We will perform a collectability assessment determining assets and employment prior to any recommendation for legal action. We provide legal collection attorney services for a multitude of companies, both large and small, who have collection claims nationwide. The legal networks we access have experience in the collection of all types of debt and can manage the collection and litigation of your collection claims on a nationwide basis no matter where your debtor is located. Although we work closely with these attorneys to resolve your claim, the network attorney represents you and remains under our direction at all times. Any legal proceeding or any settlement comes only with your approval.

When a lawsuit is the appropriate collection measure, we will contact you to obtain your authorization to proceed on your behalf with top rated experienced debt collection attorneys in the jurisdiction where the suit will be filed. Diversified can manage all of your legal collection claims nationwide.

Our networks of attorneys are bonded throughout the United States. We monitor all claims for you from our office including processing all costs, payments and fees. We handle all your nationwide claims from one location; there is no need to find an attorney or collection agency in every state.